A portrait is generally eloquently lit, its subject artfully posed and objectively rendered by the camera's lens. Although the art does not always lie in the carefully conceptualized framing, but in the moment. That fleeting instant in which your picture can become everything, or nothing at all. It is within this realm that Courtney Berman emerges to memorialize instances with an innate understanding of realism. She transcends awareness to the point of knowing what is going to happen next, so inherently, looking at a series of her photographs you immediately find the story. When looking at the photographs alone, an entirely different story can be told, equal in grace and conviction. 

Courtney Berman was born and grew up in Southern California, a region with no shortage of beauty to immortalize, and started taking pictures after seeing an Annie Liebovitz photograph. "I felt I needed to obtain the ability she has to make people feel so much from a single frame." Due to her eye for the beauty of each moment, her photographs can range from serene and organic, to furious and energetic. 


- Colin Louis Dieden